Liza’s Sleep Training, Part 2

So, you may ask, how’s the whole sleeping at night thing going?

Bad. Then Worse. Then better. Then the worst. And then last night, better. Are we home free yet? I don’t know. Are the bad nights due to her cutting approximately five teeth (that I can count) at the same time? Maybe. Here’s the sleep diary from where we left off in Part One.

Tuesday, Day 5
No morning nap at school.
Afternoon Nap –
fell asleep in the car on the way home from school. Big surprise there! Slept about 40 minutes.
Afternoon Nap #2 – rocked 2 times, slept from 4:30-5:10.
Bedtime – 7:15, rocked twice. Asleep by 7:30. Woke and fed at 3:30. Awoke again at 5:30 cried off and on until up at 6:30.

Wednesday, Day 6/Day 1, Crying it out
Morning Nap – 8:20-9. Fell asleep eating. Big surprise after the 5:30 routine.
Afternoon Nap – Asleep by 1. Woke at 3:15.
Bedtime – 7:15. Rocked at 9. Cried off and on from 9-11:30. and then from 12-12:30. Slept till 7.
This is the day that we realized she wasn’t responding well to the rocking to drowsy and then putting her in the crib. She would immediately stand up and start wailing for us to come back. I now realize (after the haze of sleeplessness has lifted) that her sleeping was tied to her prop – eating. We started letting her cry after this day which effectively started our time table over.

Thursday, Day 2
Morning Nap – at school, in the swing, 30 minutes.
Afternoon Nap – 1:20-3:45
Bedtime – 7:30. Awake at 8, 9, 1, 4, fed at 4, awake at 7:15.
I didn’t take good notes on how long she cried at all these times. And it’s been long enough now that I barely remember what was going on that day. I make better notes in other days.

Friday, Day 3
Morning Nap – 8:30-9:30.
Afternoon Nap – 12:30-1:45.
Afternoon Nap, #2 – 4-5.
Bedtime – 7:20, cried until 7:40. Woke at 8:30, cried a couple of times. Slept until 7:45.

Saturday, Day 4
Morning Nap – Slept 9-9:30.
Afternoon Nap – Went down at 1:40 cried until 2, slept for 30 minutes, milk at 2:30, slept until 4:30, when I woke her up.
Bedtime – 7:15, woke at 8:50 cried until 9:25, woke at 10:40 cried until 11:15. Woke at 5, fed. Woke at 7.

Sunday, Day 5
Morning Nap – Slept 8-8:30.
Afternoon Nap – 12:30-2.
Afternoon Nap #2 – 4:45-5:15.
Bedtime – 7:20, cried until 7:40. Woke at 8:30, cried until 8:45. Woke at 2:30, fed. Woke at 6:45.

Monday, Day 6
Morning Nap – 9-9:45. I put her down and she did great but when I sneaked back in to cover her up, she wasn’t yet asleep so I had to start over.
Afternoon Nap – 12:15, cried until 12:30. Slept until 2:30.
Bedtime – 7:15. No crying!! Woke at 10, cried until 11:30. Woke at 6:15.
Vowed to take her to the doctor on Tuesday because of the extending night crying jags and possible continued ear infection.

Tuesday, Day 7 (yesterday)
Morning Nap – 30 minutes at school.
Afternoon Nap – massively put off due to the 2 hours at the doctor’s office. Fell asleep in the car on the way home. Slept from 3:30-5.
Bedtime – 7:30, cried 5-10 minutes. She grouched in her sleep at 10ish but went back to sleep on her own. Woke at 6:15.
The doctor loaded us up with some Magic Mouthwash (benadryl, maalox, lidocaine) to rub on her gums before bed and told us to dose her with ibuprofen before bed as well. Was this the magic trick? Don’t know. We’ll see tonight.

Things I’ve learned:

1.) Yes, her sleeping really was tied to eating/sucking. I didn’t think this was true a few days ago. The diary comes through again on this one. A few days I’ve used the pacifier for nap so that she could still suck but not be attached to me. This morning I put her down with the pacifier and when I went in to get her after nap, realized she’d flung it half way across the room. I am working to break the nursing as a prop cycle. Last night, after we nursed, I talked to her for a while about snuggling with her lovie when she needed to. So she was definitely awake when I put her down, but grouched only for a short time.

2.) This process has been harder (and longer) with her than with Eli because we’ve tackled so many things at once. With Eli we stepped through it (or ignored it altogether) so it wasn’t what feels like a never-ending cry-a-thon. I phased out his middle of the night feedings first. Then we let him cry it out at bedtime. I never messed with naps. I let him sleep on me and then the couch. Then he moved to taking naps on his Pooh couch in his room. He never took naps in the crib. When he got his big boy bed then he started taking naps there and that was only about a year ago.

3.) Both Eli and Liza didn’t/don’t respond well to either me or Stephen being in the room but not picking them up. This means ultimately: the dreaded crying it out. Before you tell us what horrible parents we are for doing this know this, if there were any other option we would have taken it. I’ve read just about 50 books on sleeping and we’ve tried all the solutions I thought were viable and a few we made up ourselves. Ours are the all or nothing kind of kids I guess and us being in the room trying to be supportive and helpful made the crying go on and on. Neither Stephen nor I are made of stern enough stuff to listen to that kind of crying for hours and hours on end.

I’ve worried every night this week about whether or not she’s still sick, or is the crying related to her teeth or is she just tough enough to keep wailing to let us know she’s mad we aren’t coming. She isn’t still sick. Possibly her teeth are bothering her. She’s definitely willing to cry to let us know she’s mad. All that goes to show you girls are just tougher than boys.

Yesterday, I decided for 15 minutes part of her crying was due to separation anxiety which she shows no signs of at any other time. My girl Liza is just tough and not going to be denied or if she is denied she’s going to let the world know about it.

I’ll keep you posted on new developments.

7 thoughts on “Liza’s Sleep Training, Part 2

  1. Ivy was like that with sleeping with us in the room – didn’t happen. It also didn’t help that for the first 9 months of her life she shared a room with mom, and got to sleep with her when she woke up.

    Mom moved in with me and we moved Ivy to the closet. (yeah, true story) It was a large (huge actually) walk in, and had it’s own light, so she could sleep separate from us, but we could just open the door and she’d be in the same room.

    Now she sleeps fine on her own, but likes to wake up to drink far too much – we’re obviously not strict enough or she wouldn’t be – she’d learned to sleep on her own once, but one good flu killed that.

    Think I’ll trackback blog this later, just for the fun of it.

  2. Liza and Rissa should go bowling, as my college friends and I decided that bowling is the activity for people who have things in common!

  3. I’ll take it! Can we also arrange for bowling when the morning and afternoon (and often, afternoon #2) naps are cut short? That way, they wake up, they haul around heavy balls while wearing matching outfits and chatting, and then want to sleep a full amount at their next one!

  4. I remember those days of cry-it-out. It was a case of, “You think you are tougher than me, mom?”

    Hope you outlast the little tyke.

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