My Son the Future Writer

Just now I asked Eli to tell me a story.

It started out well enough with a mouse named Gerald.

Gerald lived in a green house but oh, yeah, he was really a boy.

This part seems good. Nice world building with the green house. It’s a fantasy story with a mouse-boy character. I’m starting to dig it.

His dad was named Stephen and his mom was Misty and he almost forgot his sister named Liza.

Uh-oh the lines between fiction and fact are blurring a bit too much for my taste. If it’s fantasy wouldn’t he have other family members as other animals?

Gerald, it turns out is also a robot. He can only jump from square to square and then only at certain times of the day. When sunlight hits him.

Okay, back to the fantasy story, now a sci-fi thriller with a jumping robot. The squares are the comforter pattern on my bed. The sunlight is streaming though the window. Nice mix of reality and made up story.

The end.

Wha? Where’s the rest of my story? Obviously we need to send him to a writer’s workshop or three to get his word count up.

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