Lolcat eCards for Valentine’s Day

I can now reveal the secret project I’ve been working on: Lolcards. That’s right, it’s all the saccharine of Valentine’s Day cards combined with the stupid of lolcats. Nothing says “love” like an aloof animal that views you merely as a method of conveying food to its bowl, unless it’s an aloof animal combined with poorly-spelled captions.

We’ve got cute cards!

Smoochie Bandit

We’ve got sexxxy cards!

Parents Gone All Day

And if you’re a cynical type like me, we’ve got cards for you as well.

Valentine’s Day is for Losers

G’wan. You know you want to inflict them on other people. Send someone a lolcard. And since they’re all Creative Commons licensed, you can print them, put them on your own website, or most anything else. Just be kind and mention where you got them.

Lolcards. Spread the meme.

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10 thoughts on “Lolcat eCards for Valentine’s Day

  1. The sargentjr posts come from a WordPress-to-LJ crossposter, and it looks like it doesn’t properly edit relative links. I fixed them in the article and now they’re correct on LJ. Thanks!

  2. Oh my dear lord… I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard for a while! Beautiful! I’m printing some to put outside my cube tomorrow. My coworkers are going to get a kick out of this!

  3. Blogged, trackbacked and stumble’d this. This is an awesome idea. You should help me spread my co-meme guys – lolkids. You can see my first ones at my blog, linked in my form thingermajig I typed up above where I typed this.

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