Movie Montages

Ladies and gentlemen, Transformers in sixty seconds.

Okay, they cheated a bit and added in bits from Surf’s Up and Disturbia. I often enjoy montages like this. I used to point people to the Ultimate Buster Compilation, a video on YouTube that had every instance of Buster Bluth saying, “Hey, Brother,” in the series Arrested Development, but Fox squashed that right quick.

The montages don’t always work, though. Take a look at this one from the Saturday morning cartoon version of The Legend of Zelda.

The key to these montages is speed. You need to keep it snappy. A line like, “Well, excuuuuuuuuuse me, princess” is way too long. Worse, the guy who compiled it didn’t trim the clips enough, nor did he really have an end. I don’t know that it’s salvageable given the source material, but you might be able to get some laughs by following up five or six instances of Link saying the phrase with an extended montage of the phrase. Build it from a bunch of different clips like a note made of cut-out letters from newspapers, and extend the already-drawn-out vowel in “excuse”. You’d have, “Well [cut] ex[cut]cuuuu[cut]uuuuu[cut]uuuuu[cut]uuuuu[cut]uuuu[cut]uuuu…..[cut]uuuse me[cut]princess!”

At least this video shows us that Link was an ass.