Big Christmas Photo Post

Here it is! All the Granade family Christmas photos you can handle. Seriously, if you aren’t a grandparent or LanaBob! you won’t hurt my feelings if you skip 75% of these. LanaBob! will flip through every one just to read the captions I so laboriously wrote for each one. Click on the photos to reach each group.

Christmas at our house
Low key present unwrapping before the trek to Arkansas.

Christmas with Misty’s Mom’s Family
When you have this many second cousins and great-grands in one room you take lots and lots of pictures.
Christmas pics 1 073.jpg

Christmas with the Granades
How big is the boom when you have this many Granades in one room?

Christmas with Misty’s Dad’s Family (or Liza in the Tent)
I swear we were there for several days but all of the photos are of Liza in her tent.

11 thoughts on “Big Christmas Photo Post

  1. Hey, I looked at all of them too, just for the captions! 🙂 They were great captions – and photos too!

    We did the bow on the head thing too with the baby. But only one bow. She didn’t care enough to want to play with them herself.

  2. Okay, so your nerdy obsessions go outside the LOL$ regime.

    You’re still the same person who’s babbled to me about LOLCards the last two weeks.

    I know, I know. “That’s like, your opinion, man.”


  3. The only reason I kept talking to you about it is because your server is like unto a 386 running Windows 2.0, and runs so hot that you cool it with a continuously-flowing stream of kerosene. I had to make sure my inevitable and enviable internet popularity wouldn’t cause it to explode like something in an episode of 24.

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