Monthly Archives: February 2008

Soul Burger

Last Tuesday we went to Soul Burger on our greater Huntsville restaurant tour. I wish their website did the place justice; sadly, it does not.

This place is heavy on personality. Most notably the owner, Kathy, is full of personality and she absolutely lights up the whole place. She’s at the register when you come […]

Hey, the Wii Has Adventure Games!

At least, it has adventure game. Zack and Wiki is, at its heart, a point-and-click adventure game. It’s fun seeing a game on a new console make all the same old adventure game mistakes.

They do a nice job of keeping things manageable by only letting you carry one thing at a time, which greatly simplifies […]

Big Christmas Photo Post

Here it is! All the Granade family Christmas photos you can handle. Seriously, if you aren’t a grandparent or LanaBob! you won’t hurt my feelings if you skip 75% of these. LanaBob! will flip through every one just to read the captions I so laboriously wrote for each one. Click on the photos to reach […]

Very Belated Christmas Photo

This is from Christmas but probably the best photo we have of both of the kids. You know what this means? Big Christmas post soon!!

Movie Montages

Ladies and gentlemen, Transformers in sixty seconds.

Okay, they cheated a bit and added in bits from Surf’s Up and Disturbia. I often enjoy montages like this. I used to point people to the Ultimate Buster Compilation, a video on YouTube that had every instance of Buster Bluth saying, “Hey, Brother,” in the series Arrested Development, […]

Some Days I Am More Clueless Than Others

You know, I didn’t realize a number of you would send me lolcards.

To Eli On His Fourth Birthday

This year, for your birthday, we got smart: we outsourced your party to JumpZone! JumpZone! is a magical warehouse filled will bunches of inflatable two-story slides and bouncy obstacle courses. It’s so much fun, I’d like to have my birthday party, but it’s only for kids. You and thirteen of your friends ran around like […]

Writing Advice “They” Don’t Want You To Read

A few days ago, John Scalzi gave ten pieces of advice about money to writers. He talked about paying off credit card debt, buying good stuff and running it into the ground, and not quitting your day job. A bunch of his writer friends and associates chimed in, praising the article and agreeing with most […]

Lolcat eCards for Valentine’s Day

I can now reveal the secret project I’ve been working on: Lolcards. That’s right, it’s all the saccharine of Valentine’s Day cards combined with the stupid of lolcats. Nothing says “love” like an aloof animal that views you merely as a method of conveying food to its bowl, unless it’s an aloof animal combined with […]

A Few Notes of Interest from the Weekend

Eli still has an ear infection so we will be retuning to the doctor sometime today for more antibiotics.
Liza has the snottiest nose in the western hemisphere. I am not kidding about this. I’m actually a bit shocked that one 18 lb. baby can produce this much fluid.
Stephen has a secret project brewing which he […]