Monthly Archives: March 2008

Your Opinion Is Stupid

After careful consideration, I’ve chosen a new phrase that sets my teeth on edge. I know you’re excited to know what that phrase is, so let me get right to it:

You have a right to your opinion.

People who say this don’t mean it. At least, what they say isn’t what they mean. What they mean […]

It’s a Small but Changing World After All

Two weeks ago I went to Orlando to take part in an SPIE conference. (My presentation on space docking sensors went very well, thanks for asking.) Since I was down there, I took a half-day and visited Disney World, specifically the Magic Kingdom. While I’ve been to Epcot recently, the last time I went to […]

You, Internet, Give Me a Warm and Fuzzy Feeling in my Heart

This week I’ve talked about vacuums, poppy seed bread, and Liza’s teeth, and I’ve posted pictures of the kids and vacuums. By the way, you people are seriously into vacuum cleaners and I’m not sure if that says more about you for reading about it or me for writing it. I giggled all day yesterday […]

Just for Mumsy

Parenting as Improvisational Theatre

My tendency is to plan ahead of time, then try to stick to that plan. I’m not really a make-it-up-as-you-go kind of guy unless I make a conscious effort. That spills over into how I parent Eli. Kids, especially high-energy four-year-olds like Eli, throw off questions and requests and a whole lot of chatter. I […]

Here is the Lame You’ve Been Waiting For

Here’s the old vacuum:

Stephen wanted it to look really bad so he was all art-directing me to pull all the pieces out and make it look really pitiful. Frankly, I didn’t have to work that hard. The stuff you can’t see: the lever that raises and lowers the top piece has been broken forever, so […]

Shake, Shake, Shake, Señora

Last night Misty shook Liza nearly awake twice.

Last night Liza slept very well.

This is just crazy. If you shook me nearly awake, I doubt I’d sleep any better. Then again, if you picked me up and shook me up and down, I wouldn’t like it very much, yet Liza thinks that’s the best thing ever.

I […]

One Last Post About Child’s Play

In the I-forgot-to-post-about-this department, back at the first of the month my text adventure Child’s Play took home the XYZZY Award for best NPCs. Clearly the route to creating award-winning non-player characters for a work of interactive fiction is to not have them talk.

And in the last week there have been two reviews of the […]

Whom the Gods Wish to Destroy They First Make Parents

After about two weeks of good sleeping, Liza has regressed. It’s unfair, like going to a restaurant, ordering off the menu, having your food placed before you, and right as you start to eat, having the food taken away and replaced with rocks. Her poor sleep may have something to do with her teething. Two […]

Because I am Lame

I am totally excited about my new vacuum cleaner. When Stephen gets home tonight with the camera, I’ll even take photos of it for you because it turns out, I’m even lamer than I thought I was when I started writing these sentences.