Playmobil Gets In on the Security Action

What the hell, people? Who went and told all of the toy companies that the nation’s kids were clamoring for security-themed toys? Misty just showed me the Playmobil Security Check Point.

Playmobil Security Check Point

I think this is even creepier than Scan-It because it’s Playmobil. Look at everyone’s blankly happy faces. I guess to make this more realistic you’ll also need to buy the 100-pack of Playmobil people to form a line. I wonder if they will all be dressed like mimes who are trying to disguise themselves via sky-blue sweaters tied around their necks.

The best part — assuming there is only one best part and not a continuing buffet of bestest parts — is that, as of right now, Amazon’s list of “Customers Who Bought Items Like This Also Bought” are, in order, Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought, Self Analysis, and Clear Body, Clear Mind, all by L. Ron Hubbard. Does the Church of Scientology have a controlling interest in Playmobil?

(Hat tip to Shiny Shiny, who got it from CrunchGear)

3 thoughts on “Playmobil Gets In on the Security Action

  1. If you scroll down further on that same Amazon page, you will see some more disturbing things. Such as the Safe-Crackers lego kit, the Hazmat Team, the medical helicopter set, and the airline terminal set(also by Playmobil).

    Who are these people? Someone must have a twisted sense of humor.

    (BTW, I found these links under the ‘People who viewed this item also viewed’ category)

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