Hillary Clinton on Twitter

I confess: I have a Twitter account. It’s a fun little AIM-like application that’s a lot like leaving your brain on speakerphone. Some time ago I found Barack Obama’s Twitter feed. That didn’t surprise me that much — the Obama campaign has been savvily using social networking sites since the beginning.

I was more surprised to find that Hillary Clinton was on Twitter. What’s really amazing is how often she updates. Obama updates once every day or two. Not Hillary. True to her type-A teachers-pet personality, she updates a lot. Just look at what she posted yesterday, March 12th.

  • 06:13 In DC to address Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Looking forward to DC being my next hometown!
  • 07:07 WTF, Mississippi? Thought white Southern bigot vote would put me over the top.
  • 08:39 We should count FL and MI delegates FTW.
  • 13:55 Steve Inskeep is a total douche.
  • 14:37 Sorry, MS. Unfairly taking it out on you. When I was from AR we were always thankful for MS!
  • 14:48 @barackobama Have You Ever Been Experienced? cause I have!
  • 16:50 @gferraro Sorry you had to resign. Everyone knows womanness > blackness.
  • 17:01 OMG did you see Wall-E trailer? Soooo cute!
  • 17:12 @gferraro Ha ha yeah, womanness > blackness > John Edwards!
  • 19:44 Looking at @johnmccain’s natl security plan. Way more awesomer than @barackobama’s.
  • 21:47 Thinking about letting Bill out to see some news for a minute before I lock him away again.
  • 22:40 Unwinding before bed. Making notes for my sequel to The Prince.

Here’s a candidate who is truly invested in Web 2.0 social networking.

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