My Two Mimics

This will come as a shock to everyone, but it appears we are rearing two kids who are 100% ham. Both want people watching them; both like to mimic things you do to get that attention.

The other night, Misty & I were talking, and I said something about a death march on a project. Eli promptly scooped up a spare maraca we happened to have lying around and marched around the house, shaking the maraca and singing, “Death march! Death march! Death march!”

Liza’s bouts of mimicry are less spontaneous. If you make certain sounds or do certain actions, she’ll repeat them. If you then repeat them, she’ll repeat them again. Continue until someone–mainly me–becomes tired. If I hold my hands over my head and say, “nnnnnnnngh”, she will dutifully hold up both hands, tiny fists waving in the air, and say “nnnnnnnngh.” If I say, “mmmmmmmMMMMBAH!”, she too will say “mmmmmmmMMMMMMBAH!” and then laugh.

Wait a second. She’s short, has blond hair that covers her ears, and says “mmmBAH.” Where have I seen this before?

9 thoughts on “My Two Mimics

  1. We actually have a fair number of musical instruments lying around. I blame the kindermusiking sister-in-law.

  2. My kids are both picking up different sides of my personality and mimicking them. My daughter is picking up the more subtle play-on-words side of me, while my son is picking the wild side. Never a dull moment.

  3. Hey now, if there’s gonna be slamming of the Hanson brothers, I’m gonna have to leave the room for a while.

    GFM <— one degree of separation to them

  4. Just for the record, I’m not slamming Hanson, only lamenting the absolute mindvirus mmm-bop is.

    You know the Barenaked Ladies song “One Week?” Yeah, its a song about how long it takes before a person, upon hearing a mere two notes of Mm-bop, recovers from singing it at any opportunity.

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