Look! An Article Written by Liza

In case you missed it, here’s Liza’s rather narrow perspective on life:
I Can’t Imagine Why Anybody Would Want To Stop Crying.

Ok, really it’s an Onion article, but this part sounds exactly like Liza:

Take my parents, for example. If it wasn’t for my tireless efforts, they’d sleep through the night! Can you believe it? I don’t think it’s because they’re too old—I suppose I don’t know how old they are exactly, but I can’t imagine it’s any more than, say, one. They’ve still got plenty of life in them. Yet they hardly ever cry, and when they do, it’s usually softly, in the middle of the night, and exhausted-sounding. What happened to their lust for life? Don’t they realize that every moment they waste sleeping, fiddling with the car seat, or holding picture books in front of my face is precious time they could be screaming their heads off?

1 thought on “Look! An Article Written by Liza

  1. …and then there’s my Alex, who at 3 has moved beyond crying to the Floppy Fish Syndrome. He flipped, flopped and carried on in his bed until about midnight, then decided to make the trek to Mom and Daddy’s bed where he continued to flip and flop until 3am when Mom had finally had enough and threatened to return him to his own bed. And why is it that when he’s flopping he only ever hits and kicks Mom? Why does Dad get to sleep peacefully? Currently using Bamboo skewers to hold my eyes open… toothpicks break too often and were therefore getting expensive.

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