Happy US Tax Day!

April 15, 1955: The first McDonald’s franchise opens.
April 15, 1984: Tommy Cooper has a heart attack on live TV and dies.
April 15, 1865: Abraham Lincoln dies.
April 15, 1989: 96 Liverpool FC fans die in a crush of people exiting Hillsborough Stadium.
April 15, 1912: The RMS Titanic sinks.
April 15, 1941: The Luftwaffe’s Belfast Blitz kills one thousand people.

Enjoy the day!

4 thoughts on “Happy US Tax Day!

  1. Well, that just brightened my day tremendously! Thank you Stephen for that little pick-me-up 😉

    This “happy” moment has been brought to you by Stephen Granade, co-author of Live Granades “Like a blog but explodier.” And now back to your regularly scheduled activities.

  2. Brings to mind one of Robert Carlyle’s most chilling roles.

    “L I V / E R P / double-O L FC”

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