A Hike and A Picnic

Wednesday, Wendy lured us on a small hike with a picnic in the middle and then a hike back.

Pause for a moment and think about:

    1) me on a hike
    2) with Eli the Whiny (when things aren’t going his way),
    3) Liza the Deaf Maker (when things aren’t going her way), and
    4) all of our stuff!

Wendy has no idea that I nearly called her 14 times before we left to say we weren’t coming. Well, I guess she knows now if she’s reading this post. But I got my act together and only forgot Liza’s hat and a spoon with which to feed her. Now you know why she is wearing her sweet potato stained hoodie in most of the photos.

We had a great time and Eli produced almost zero whine until we got in the car to go home when I made the mistake of telling him about ticks. Bad mom!

Eli showing off
Click the photo for more pictures from the hike.
Special thanks to Mike Self for helping make up captions for the photos.