Summer Scheduling

Summer shouldn’t need a schedule. It should be days of waking up and deciding if we’re going to get motivated enough to go to the pool or just play in the water sprinkler in the yard.

It should not require a shared Google calendar to pull off. And yet for the second time in about three weeks, Stephen and I have had our wires so crossed that we didn’t know what we were doing.

So now our family has a giant Google calendar. Everyone has their own color and every event is now being meticulously added for the greater good. Greater good in this case is marital harmony.

May is full of family visits to celebrate Liza’s birthday. June is full of Eli’s camps. He’s taking swimming lessons for two weeks and then going to soccer camp for a week. July is shaping up to be our trip to Japan. August will bring the school schedule with it.

I’m already exhausted and school isn’t even out for summer yet. But better this schedule than the one from last year! This time last year I was beginning my two weeks of off and on labor before Liza’s birth. Let’s just say I’m looking forward to the 20 hours of flying to Japan way more than the 20+ hours of labor.

7 thoughts on “Summer Scheduling

  1. I now want to come and kick a ball around with Eli.

    Of course, that’s largely because I really want to kick the crap out of something right now. But I would also love to work with him on what little I know …

  2. Man talk about scheduling, when we went to Japan, I discovered that the Japanese people are really great at scheduling and keeping everything prompt and in order.
    20 hour trip with the kiddies, been there and doing again this summer…I feel you…LOL

  3. Chris, the kids will be staying with the grandparents. This is a big people only trip. We plan to travel with them but want to wait and do it when Liza is a bit older. Eli is a great traveler but Liza’s a bit more persnickety about sleeping and eating and breathing it seems sometimes so better for them to stay home this time.

  4. Yea, Japan. You’ll absolutely love it. But don’t forget in your scheduling to schedule in time to come meet your new nephew!

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