16 thoughts on “Today Liza is One

  1. Happy Birthday to Liza, and congratulations to his parents on surviving her first year!

  2. Er, her parents. I’ve kind of gotten used to “baby” being equal to “he” around here lately. 🙂

  3. Happy birthday, Big L!

    I think she’s old enough now for me to teach her how to slap people who sing “Liza with a Z” at her.

  4. When we take her out in that shirt, people often make half-joking offers for her. We either laugh or seriously consider them depending on the day we’ve had.

    Liza, I hadn’t even heard of that song. What’s awesome is that it’s like people singing 40s show tunes to us!

  5. Also she will get tired of people telling her about the stupid hole in that stupid bucket. JUST BUY A NEW BUCKET ALREADY.

  6. (My friend’s son just turned one today. He said, “I guess he’s no longer under warranty.”)

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