The Case of the Missing Marble

Mumsy bought Eli Hungry, Hungry Hippos while she was visiting this last week because he said he wanted that game specifically. After I assembled it and played a couple of rounds with him, I took a break and Mumsy took my place.

“Is that all there is to this game?!?!” she asked after she played.

“Yep, that’s it. That’s four-year-old game play for you.”

A few days pass.

More hippos are hungry and are frenetically fed.

One afternoon Eli’s door is accidentally left open. Liza zips in and when Mom and I find her she is clutching hippo marbles in both hands. She takes one from her mouth and passes it happily to Mom.

We are one marble short from the full 20.

The next two hours are full of us dumping out every bucket in Eli’s room. Every item is picked up and shaken. Every container is opened and peered into. Every cover is shaken out. Eli is questioned and questioned again about the possible location of the missing marble.

I looked up object swallowing on the internet. I felt better after I read that once the object is down, if it’s down, then you should only worry if it’s pointed or acidic, like a battery.

Mumsy was frantically tossing Eli’s room like a burglar looking for jewelry. I took pity on her and called the doctor so she could hear that there was nothing to do for now but wait.

The next morning found us sifting through Liza’s diapers looking for the missing marble. Too bad I haven’t been able to provide as much attention to posting here lately as I’ve given to looking through Liza’s diaper for that marble.

Sometime after lunch the next day, Eli pulls out his scooper truck to play with. I hear his shout of discovery from three rooms away:

“Mumsy! I found the marble!!”

This is the part of the story where I hang my head in shame since tiny things have been “lost” in the scooper before and I forgot to check there when we were going over Eli’s room with the proverbial fine-tooth comb the day before.

For once the giant sigh of relief came from someone besides Stephen or me. Mumsy collapsed on the couch and declared it Happy Hour.