Eli’s Felt Robot

From one of my craft blogs, I found a pattern on this page of a robot. I decided that it was cute and that I could certainly make it for Eli.

Eli picked out the colors from a stack of felt that I had. Purple and green are always favorites, but the orange in the mix was a bit of a shocker. I think he picked it because it was sitting on top of the pile. I started out using black thread to sew him together but I quickly discarded that arm and started over because he looked like a Tim Burton reject. I rummaged around and found some silver thread and that totally makes his look.

Notice between this photo and the next he went from having matching legs to having mismatching legs in the style of the arms. When I discarded the first black thread arm, I cut out a purple piece instead of a green one. I decided it would be cuter to make the legs match the arms. Opposite, of course.

I made the decision to put hair on him and now wish I hadn’t. Eli doesn’t like it either. One of the first things he asked me this morning when I gave him the finished product was could we take his hair off because he couldn’t see the robot’s green head with the hair in the way.

On the third limb I figured out how to attach the limbs attractively. Unfortunately, the two good ones are the legs. Ah, well, Eli doesn’t know or care.

In this photo you can see how uneven the arms ended up. I matched them on the piece of green felt from the bottom but then when I started sewing them onto the back, I ended up with about 1/2″ of fabric that I cut off. End result: wildly mismatching arms.

I didn’t stuff him super full. I didn’t want to strain the seams by putting 5 lbs. of stuffing in him. He’s just a wee bit squishy, which is what we all want in our robots, right?

Here he is finished up last. I think I spent around 10-12 hours making him and around $5. I believe I could probably make the next one a bit quicker. I’m thinking of trying to make Liza a butterfly in the same style since she is all about the butterflies!

Even though he didn’t like the hair, he ended up naming him Tentacle, because of the hair. Go figure.

Also, as with so many things, the joy seems to be in the making. He’s only played with him for about 5 minutes. While in contrast, yesterday after nap he insisted that we work on the robot and he sat in the office alternately watching me sew on robot legs and They Might Be Giants videos on youtube.

5 thoughts on “Eli’s Felt Robot

  1. Ah, that’s so cool! I wish I was that crafty. Maybe one day I’ll be able to make something cool like that for Amery and Abby.

  2. Excellent bot, uneven arms’n’all! Well, even if Eli doesn’t play with it much, you gave him gift of the joy of anticipaton! Can’t wait to see how the butterfly turns out!

  3. hey misty.
    i love your bot. i’m a sucker for uneven arms … the next one will definitely be faster if you choose to do it again. 😀

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