Hear Our Liza Say Words Only Her Parents Understand!

Now that Liza’s talking, we can inflict more audio on you!

First up, Liza’s favorite new word: “What’s that?” If I played the entire recording I made instead of carefully-selected bits, you’d hear the two of us saying “What’s that?” “That’s a microphone” over and over.

It started when Liza saw Saber, the dog next door, panting. She panted right back at Saber. Now she pants all the time. The other day Misty asked Eli about his lightsaber, and Liza, hearing the magic syllables “say” and “ber”, panted.

Liza likes testing gravity by taking her food, throwing it on the floor, and then looking down at it and saying, “Uh-oh!”

Liza loves her some butterflies.

We’ve said “thank you!” to Liza enough that she now parrots it back. If you hand her some milk, she says, “Thank you!” If you take the phone away from her so she doesn’t dial people at random, she says, “Thank you!”

“Hello” is one of her newer words. You can barely hear her playing with her pig phone in this clip.

This is one of her earliest words. I can’t imagine why.

10 thoughts on “Hear Our Liza Say Words Only Her Parents Understand!

  1. What vika said!
    Can’t wait until Liza combines my two favorite words in this series, “uh- oh” and “stinky.” 😉

  2. I’ll forego the “How adorable are your children?” comment, because that would be piling on.
    Instead – tell me how to add sound-bites to my blog? You taught me to fix a toilet, so I think this is within your scope…

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