Eli Tells Jokes

One of Eli’s current favorite websites tells jokes. That, of course, means Eli then tells those jokes to us. A selection of his favorites:

Cinderella and her sports-playing ability

Giraffes and their nocturnal habits

Chimps and their ailments

Sadly, I wasn’t able to capture him saying, “Listen! Listen! I have a joke!” and then coughing to clear his throat before he tells it.

8 thoughts on “Eli Tells Jokes

  1. So, toddler etiquette question: do you fake laugh even if you don’t find the joke funny, or what? Z has only a basic sense of humor so far (I think we reached the “Ha ha, I dropped food on the floor!” stage a long time ago and stayed there), but I’m not sure how I’ll handle the “stupid joke” phase.

  2. I generally only laugh when something about it actually strikes me as funny, like the delivery or Eli’s delight in the joke. Otherwise I tend to nod.

  3. I’m with Stephen on how I handle Eli’s jokes. I mean, if the kid really does want to be a comedian someday, I don’t want his routines to be like some of Cliff Clavin’s stuff from Cheers. “What’s up with that?”

  4. Good thing I don’t have kids… I’d laugh at all their jokes just ’cause they’re so dang cute and wind up inflicting adult terrible joke tellers on the rest of the world!

  5. That was so very sweet. I may try to steal one of them for a ring tone.
    We’re in the ‘only funny once, sweetheart’ phase in our household. Trying to make our seven and eight-year-old understand why the joke that made us laugh yesterday just doesn’t work today is a lesson in literacy. Parenting is truly an education.

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