12 thoughts on “Misty’s Debut Album

  1. I don’t know, I can’t complain. Nebulos sounds like a great band name, and I like the title “Each other to forgive” – it sounds so perfectly ballady and soulful and sad. And who doesn’t like cherry blossoms for cover art?

  2. Unfortunately, “Organization for Community Supported Sustainable Agriculture in Chad” doesn’t sound much like a band name. But my album name is “have no large ones.” Uh, yeah. That’s…something.

  3. Duchess: Cherry Blossoms = Japan = We’ll be there in a month!
    Joyous: I totally rocked out to OfCSSAiC in high school. Didn’t everybody?

  4. Well, I already had my porno name picked out. Now I see there are other directions I can head beside selling my body.

    First Name – name of your first pet
    Last Name – street you grew up on

    My name: Max Oakwood

  5. Tombstone: Yeah, my name for that ROCKS! I am Frosty Bronco. Yours is excellent too. We sound like a couple of really bad headliners.

  6. Peñacerrada-Urizaharra
    By The Corrupt Few

    I like my “industry” name too- Harvey Snow.

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