Pushing Past Dora and Diego to the Better Stuff

Due to Stephen’s LOLprowess, our site now has enough Diggs or Technorati gold stars in heaven to rate us being approached by marketing firms. The first couple of times we got emails, I was like, “Huh? They want to do what? What’s the catch?” The catch is that these companies want to send us free stuff in exchange for us giving them shout outs about their products or services. Apparently this phenomenon has a name: “Word of Mom.”

The nice part of the deal is that they send us free stuff but we don’t have to talk about it unless we like it, mostly, I’m guessing, because they don’t want the bad word from us moms. But it takes the pressure off of me because I don’t feel obligated in any way. I can pick and choose what is interesting to me and talk about only those things. Isn’t the internet a powerful thing?

Most of the email traffic has come from the PR firm representing the Turner TV channels. The first round of swag was disappointing, mostly because I didn’t read the email carefully enough. I thought she was sending me new shows of Saving Grace and The Closer. I was having puppies over the prospect of new episodes (and early, no less) because I love those two shows. In actuality she was sending me the greatest hits collections of those shows and a few others in the hopes that I might be interested in them and willing to plug them on the blog. Oops, I think I played right into their hands there, didn’t I?

The second round of swag was a book called The Best Old Movies for Families. This book is very cool. It’s funny and well written, and it’s made me want to further my own movie education as well as introduce my kids to a whole range of movies that don’t involve Dora, Diego and the dreaded Disney princesses.

In the intro, Ty Burr suggests to use the book as reference material to get you started introducing your kids to old movies. But I found the book so readable, I was well into the fourth chapter before I thought to get the remote and set up the TiVo to record some of these shows coming on TCM this summer.

I’m excited about watching some of these shows (most of which I’ve never seen) with Eli. Especially the musicals, because I have a feeling he’s going to love those. And it’s always pleasant to think Dora and Diego aren’t the only options.

5 thoughts on “Pushing Past Dora and Diego to the Better Stuff

  1. That book sounds so cool! I’m going to have to suggest it to my sister– it’d certainly be nice to watch something other than The Wonderpets when I go see my nieces.

  2. “the dreaded Disney princesses”??

    When I was younger (and learning English), my family (and a friend/relative) used to watch a lot of the old movies together. The one I remember the most was Annie, but I remember watching My Fair Lady and Meet Me in St Louis. It’s sad that the first US city I knew of wasn’t NYC or LA – but St Louis, isn’t it?

    But, if you are willing to add suspension of belief, I highly recommend introducing Bollywood to your kids. I guess not yet – since they won’t be able to read captions yet – but eventually? I think you might enjoy it, too. Although considering how my 1-year old neices/cousins all love Bollywood without understanding a word of what they are watching, the over-the-top dance-sequences might inspire Eli to greater heights of drama. And it’s really not hard to figure out what’s going on despite the language barrier. They sing! They cry! They sing again! They are happy! They sing the climatic finale!

  3. duchess: Meet Me in St. Louis and My Fair Lady are two that are on the list to introduce first. There’s also a whole chapter on foreign language films and he’s says to introduce foreign language films when you, as a parent, are ready to read the whole movie to them. Good idea about Bollywood!

  4. Thanks for the tip… preparation for Auntie Lisa’s baby sitting stints in a couple of years! Plus if I get the book now, I can catch up on some of the goodies I missed as a kid! 🙂

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