On Thermostats and Dreams

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been slowly upping the temperature in our house to see what the maximum comfortable temp is for working, playing and just plan ol’ living inside our house.

This past week, I’ve been working on 77°. Now last summer while I was nursing Liza, this place was regularly down to 73° and if I was having a particularly hot moment, 71°. By comparison, 77° is practically desert heat. Well the past couple of nights have shown me that 77° is actually too warm to sleep in.

Friday night I dreamed that I lost Eli and Liza in a mudslide. I survived but they didn’t.

Saturday night Stephen dreamed he punched Eli in the face.

Last night I turned the thermostat down to 76° and I dreamed of moving into a new house with two kitchens and beach access in the basement.

Does being too hot make you have bad dreams too or are we the weird ones?