On Thermostats and Dreams

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been slowly upping the temperature in our house to see what the maximum comfortable temp is for working, playing and just plan ol’ living inside our house.

This past week, I’ve been working on 77°. Now last summer while I was nursing Liza, this place was regularly down to 73° and if I was having a particularly hot moment, 71°. By comparison, 77° is practically desert heat. Well the past couple of nights have shown me that 77° is actually too warm to sleep in.

Friday night I dreamed that I lost Eli and Liza in a mudslide. I survived but they didn’t.

Saturday night Stephen dreamed he punched Eli in the face.

Last night I turned the thermostat down to 76° and I dreamed of moving into a new house with two kitchens and beach access in the basement.

Does being too hot make you have bad dreams too or are we the weird ones?

8 thoughts on “On Thermostats and Dreams

  1. Yes! I sleep fitfully if it’s too hot, and also have screwed up dreams.
    We now have an oscillating tower fan and “vent booster” in the bedroom, plus keep it down the thermostat at about 73-74 at night. The bedroom still only gets down to about 75, but I can sleep in that.
    I can tolerate 77 during the day, but not when I need to sleep.
    I like it cold, dark, and silent like a tomb. 🙂

  2. I haven’t noticed strange dreams when it is too hot, but I don’t sleep as well. We like it cold at night, and warmer during the day. Lately though it’s been staying on about 72 all the time. When I was pregnant, it was down to 68 while we slept and around 72 or 74 during the day. Before then, I think we turned it to 70 at night and 74 during the day. We have a programmable one, and we haven’t reprogrammed it in a while, so I think it is constantly down to 72, though Rick said he turned it down last night.

    It does make me wonder if our thermostat’s temp is not quite accurate, since I’m normally freezing when other people are comfortable, and yet our temps are all lower than yours. *shrug*

  3. Two things:

    1. I can’t sleep when it’s warm. I don’t remember my dreams much, but when I’ve been napping on weekends, I have noticed that I sleep more fitfully when it’s warmer.

    2. Have you considered going to a programmable thermostat that could let the temperature float during the day and drop down at night?

  4. Yep, I don’t sleep well, either, when it is hot. Here in B’more it’s more like sauna heat than desert heat, though. 🙂 As long as I’m not “sticky,” I rest well. Regardless of the humidity, my dreams do intensify (won’t call them bad, just more intense) when it is too warm.

    I bought an older home without central air, which was OK with me since too much a/c plays havoc with my sinuses. I rely on a modo window fan in the kitchen to draw air through the house and oscillating or overhead fans for comfort in the room I’m occupying at any given time.

    Two exceptions: my office and bedroom have window a/c units and I use them as needed. The office is set on 76 and the bedroom 74. I’ve found at higher than 74, the unit doesn’t remove enough humidity and I don’t rest well.

    All bets are off when Baltimore goes through the “XX consecutive days of 100+ temps with high humidity” in late summer. The window units just can’t keep up and I get to enjoy sticky in the summer, just as nature intended.

  5. I read this post over like ten times, saying to myself, “Why are they turning their heat up to 77 degrees at night? And why is no one flaming them for being energy hogs?” Then it hit me: you have air conditioning inside your house.

  6. We keep our house at 79 degrees out here iwth a thermostat that is probably not so accurate, plus the fact that different room have vastly different tems here.

    But I guess to put it in perspective is was 114 today when I drove in to work at 3 PM.

  7. I can’t sleep hot either. I’ll lay near-naked on top of the sheet with the fan going if I’m not cool enough.
    I recently moved our upstairs thermostat into our bedroom because it was out in the hallway near our cathedral ceiling, which gathered hot air like a roomful of politicians. It would think it was 80 degrees in the house, while all of the bedrooms were freezing!
    Much better now! Who cares if the hallway is cool anyway? Esp. at night!

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