Picture Week Continues! Now with Swimming Eli!

Yesterday was the end of Eli’s two weeks of swimming lessons. He completely loved it and I think he did pretty well for never having had any instruction whatsoever. The best part is he isn’t afraid of the water, which can only mean he’ll grow up to be an Olympic swimmer.



  1. duchess
    on June 20, 2008 at 2:07 pm | Permalink

    We are still waiting for Z to do the jumping in without holding on to someone bit. But we are getting there. He is not scared of the water, and we figure one whole week of frolicking in the pool will do what 8 lessons haven’t done yet. Isn’t it great when the kid enjoys being in the pool?

  2. Lisa
    on June 21, 2008 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

    Ah, summer and swimming! My favorite thing as a kid! Mom sent us off to the community rec center summer day camp each year. They had a wonderful swimming teacher, Mrs. Hunt (I remember because I loved “Sea Hunt” as a kid). We’d board a worn out Yellow bus, twice a week, and head down to the public swimming pool in Patterson Park. Tattered vinyl upholstery gouged our legs if we slipped of our towels (put down to keep from sticking to the seats!), and we’d lean out the windows to try to keep cool every time the counselor’s back was turned. We’d be singing such classics as “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt,” “On Top of Spaghetti,” “Roll Over,” and, of course, “99 Bottles” to pass the long drive (probably all of 15-20 min, but that’s forever when you’re a kid!!).

    The pool was circa 1920, if I remember correctly. I believe the old bath house still stands – yellow glazed brick walls lined the dressing areas, dim and cool with the smell of chlorine, and just a little scary. Huge wooden doors and wrought iron fences painted “Forest Service Green” all around. The pools that stood then were small by today’s standards – maybe 8 kids could get into one at a time, and actually swim, so the rest of us played jacks and cards and got scolded for running and general rowdiness until it was our turn.

    Oh, and not to forget the trauma of getting naked in front of other people for the first time! But then it was into the pool and time to try to sneak in show off moves in between lessons. Busted for Super Cannonball again! Lord only knows how the ever patient Mrs. Hunt put up with the lot of us! To this day swimming is the only exercise to which I actually look forward!