7 thoughts on “Facts I Rediscovered at 10 PM Last Night

  1. let me guess the other part (heaven I hope I am wrong) rocks and ants don’t feel good with bare feet????

  2. Like Stephanie, your very brief story did conjure up images of you hot footing it through your backyard in bare feet.
    You are a tease, sir! 😉
    Spill the story, please!

  3. We (meaning “I”) dug three long gardens-to-be in our yard last fall and early spring. Yesterday afternoon we went to a local nursery and picked out what plants we wanted. When we got back, someone (meaning “Misty”) decided that one of our nascent gardens wasn’t large enough, and needed to be embiggened before we (meaning “I”) began work today.

    That corner of our lot is where the builders dumped all of the rocks.

    As for the fire ants, I didn’t actually get bit, but I did see a mound in each of my neighbors’ yards.

  4. Drat! Was hoping for an exciting episode of “As Casa Granade Turns,” with you barely escaping with your life from killer fire ants or something! 😉

    But it does evoke back breaking memories of digging garden beds. I used to live in Rockville, MD. It lives up to its name. At some points I thought it should be called Small Boulder, MD.

  5. In case the fire ants do go after you, be sure to carry with you some kind of ancient artifact that they’ll want to avoid. Preferably something magical, or from aliens, or from magical aliens.

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