Gardening Weekend

This weekend Stephen decided to get started finishing our front flower beds. This is what they looked like before:

This is what two of the three look like now:

Yes, Mom, we did use that black edging stuff that you don’t like. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything else that go around the curvy bits as well as that stuff. The good news is that the lamb’s ear and firewitch will cover it up in oh, say, about 10 years.

Most of the plants seem to be doing well despite the heat but there are three that don’t want to snap out of the shock. So I got up early to water them this morning and also watered the kids:

2 thoughts on “Gardening Weekend

  1. The black stuff looks good, so do the plants. Maybe you two have a green thumb after all. And the kids look good too. Thanks for making me beautiful grandchildren.

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