Monthly Archives: August 2008

Outside, Today with a Cutesicle

This afternoon we headed outside for popsicles and swinging.

Eli had to show Kat some Jedi moves. Jedi moves involve him jumping from the step while swinging his lightsaber wildly.

Here’s Liza producing some Spielberg brand looking or maybe it’s Bono serious gazing, hard to tell.

He was in heaven this afternoon since Kat and I could […]

“Misty Says, ‘Woo!'”

When we were in college, Stephen took me to see Pink Floyd in concert. This is standard mating ritual for the nerd set.

He loaded eight of us into his parent’s Suburban and we drove the five hours to Texas Stadium in Dallas to see the show. Sounds like a great college road trip, huh?

Except […]

What I Learned in Japan About Barbeque

My theory of barbeque restaurant signs must be extended.

What I Learned in Japan About Fetuses

Unborn babies are very noisy.

Stalk Me at Dragon*Con

For those of you who aren’t tracking my every move via my state-mandated ankle bracelet, here’s my schedule of panels for Dragon*Con over in Atlanta this Labor Day weekend.

A Long, Sad History: Automatic Docking in Orbit
In June of 1997, astronauts crashed a resupply ship into the Mir while attempting a manual docking. In 2005, NASA […]

I hate Mondays!

I knew there was a good reason to hate Mondays. Rainy ones are even worse. Vomit and poop make it uglier. 30 minute naps all around after all of the above equal the kind of pain associated with giving birth.

Say, when is Daddy coming home?

What I Learned in Japan About Tokyo

Tokyo is just like New York.

Little Miss Soccer

Today was Eli’s first soccer game, which, in his under-five league, means all the kids bunch up around the ball except for the ones whose attention has wandered elsewhere.

All the kids except for this one girl on the opposing team who must have been 8 or 9. She could dribble the ball with either foot, […]

Spinach Dip & Baked Pitas

This is a recipe that my mom cut out of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette many years ago and I suppose it is the reverse-engineered version of a dip from a restaurant in Little Rock called Trio’s. The dip looks like it’s still on the menu too. We love it at Casa Granade and I make it […]

What I Learned in Japan About Language

English makes everything better.