Baby Products That Should Exist: Maxwell’s Li’l Demon

Baby gates, while useful for safety, are really annoying. If you’re lucky enough to be 5’6″ or so, they’ll come up to your mid-thigh or lower. You can then try to step over it and risk the chance of tripping and smashing your nose on the floor. Or you can remove it, step through, and replace it, which is so annoying that you’ll stop going to the room that the baby gate has cordoned off, eventually forgetting that that room even exists.

Maxwell’s Li’l Demon solves that problem. The demon is actually a field designed to pass those who are 3 years old or older and be impervious to those who are younger. You will walk straight through, while your toddler will pull up on it and wail at being excluded. Future revisions of Maxwell’s Li’l Demon will let you set the age limit.

11 thoughts on “Baby Products That Should Exist: Maxwell’s Li’l Demon

  1. sweet! i just put up at gate this week all by myself…check out the blog post titled “Super MOM”!

  2. LOL! Can we have a species specific option??! No kids, but Buddy, a friend’s dog, visits when she’s not home. Occasionally this is for weeks at a time. I have cats. To keep the peace I baby gate the stairs. Can’t step over it – even if I wasn’t 5′ 4″, it’s on the top stair.

    The bathroom is upstairs. The kitchen is upstairs. The cats are upstairs. The computer is downstairs. The TV is downstairs. The emotionally needy dog is downstairs.

    I wind up downstairs, hungry, with my back teeth floating, on a regular basis when Buddy comes to visit. On the bright side, I also lose weight and get caught up on the bills, email and such. 🙂

  3. Clearly there are lots of spin-offs possible. Since such a gate is conceivably possible, it’s just a matter of engineering to make it practical. Since I’m a physicist, I’ll just leave those details to the engineers.

  4. Remember, mad physicists don’t make Maxwell’s Li’l Demon. Mad engineers do.

  5. Since I’m a physicist, I’ll just leave those details to the engineers.

    My reply is unprintable on any Web site which your mother might read, Dr. Boom. But since you have heard me go off on such … malodorous … diatribes before, I’m sure that you can fill in the blanks.

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