10 thoughts on “Things I Learned in Japan About Smoking

  1. LOL! Good one, Kat!

    And the reason for this strange directive is…..? Kids faces heal faster than, say, kids chests or adult thighs? Made me shudder – the immediate, and horrifying, image that came to mind was a lit cigarette coming into contact with a child’s face.

  2. Lisa, I assume that’s the intention of the warning: to advise people to be careful with their cigarettes, because a carelessly held one could easily injure a child.

  3. This actually happened to me once–I turned around with my hand flung out, and caught it on a lit cigarette in someone’s hand.

  4. Ahhhh… or duhhh, as the case may be.

    You’d think maybe the exclamation point would have clued me in, but I took the warning as a directive (that the cigarette should be carried at waist level as opposed to higher or lower)! I’m laughing, but my thought processes are sad, just sad!

    Thanks Jota!
    (And, ouch, Joyous!)

  5. This warning is also good for shrimpy short people like me. Shrimpy short people do not appreciate tall people burning them with their smokes.

  6. I saw it more as a statement about the smoke… that you’re letting all the smoke go at the same level as a child’s face, leading to them breathing more in.

    I would hope they don’t need to tell people not to burn children with cigarettes.

  7. That’s what I thought as well, Rick. But given how many people walk in crowds in Japanese cities, and if you’re used to holding your cigarettes by your side and you’re in a crowd, you could be a real danger. Maybe they do have to remind people.

    I’ve still got nothing for the helicopter, though.

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