“Misty Says, ‘Woo!'”

When we were in college, Stephen took me to see Pink Floyd in concert. This is standard mating ritual for the nerd set.

He loaded eight of us into his parent’s Suburban and we drove the five hours to Texas Stadium in Dallas to see the show. Sounds like a great college road trip, huh?

Except the part where I was sick as a dog. I had some sort of cold/flu and my head was so stuffed I could barely hold it up. I was completely miserable and popping Sudafed like candy but dang, I was going to see me some Pink Floyd.

All I remember of the concert was the driving rain that began during an extended set of songs from Dark Side of the Moon and poured in on the crowd through the open roof, the giant pigs and the fact that I couldn’t yell worth a darn. So in spectacular nerd mating ritual style, Stephen got his best pals Mike and Scott to yell for me. All three of them took turns yelling, “Misty says, ‘Woo!'” It was only one on a very long list of things that made me marry Stephen.

Yesterday, I got an email from Mike:

I went to see Bob Dylan here in Little Rock on Tuesday. During the show, I shouted out “Misty, says ‘Woo!'”. I though you might like to know.

So I quickly replied and asked him if I could post about it. Here’s his return email:

I’m pretty sure Scott yelled that at The Who as well. It is sort of a
tradition with us.

So if you are ever attending a concert and you hear some guy yelling out of the crowd, “Misty says, ‘Woo!'” know that it is a long tradition and that they are yelling for me. And seriously, if you aren’t as charmed as I am by that then your heart must be a concrete block.