Liza & Sleep: How Far We’ve Come

Remember the bad old days? The bad old days weren’t so long ago. That last part of sleep training was posted May 20th, so only a few months ago.

In the past week we’ve had another step forward in Liza’s sleeping. She is now able to tell on her own when she needs a nap. She starts grouching and putting her head down on every available surface. I ask her if she needs a nap, if she wants to go get her baa and blankie (pacifier and blanket) and take a nap. She all but runs to her room and waits for me to get a baa down from where they hang. I ask her to close the door. She shuts the bedroom door. I turn on the music and close the blinds. I rock her for about 30 seconds and sometimes not at all. I put her in the crib still awake. She does a face plant on the mattress and waits for me to cover her up. I sneak out of the room. Liza goes to sleep on her own. And at night, she stays asleep all night long.

Those last two sentences are not ones that I thought I’d ever get to write down.


I’m going to take a nap now too.

5 thoughts on “Liza & Sleep: How Far We’ve Come

  1. Oh, what a relief that must be for you, especially with Stephen at con all weekend. Congratulations!

  2. OK, I came here for knowledge and support. My 3 year old son has sleep trained his parents and it stinks. He wakes at 2-3am, quietly comes to our bed, jostles me (who apparently never wakes quite enough to realize what’s going on) crawls in between Mommy and Daddy and peacefully sleeps until 8am when we have to wake him to take his older brothers to school. I am only assuming the 2-3am because I have been known to stay up reading in bed (child free) until 1am and my husband gets up at 4:30am and Alex is always in bed with us. HELP!

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