Help! I’ve DIY Papered myself into a corner!

A few months ago I got on a Do-It-Yourself planner kick. I love having a paper planner even though I rarely ever use one for anything other than meal planning and grocery list making. But I had big plans for the one I was making. Surprise! I use this one for exactly the same things as I’ve used all the others. I did print project sheets and stick them in but haven’t used them as much as I thought I would.

Today I found Tip Nut and their Saturday Freebie Printables. It’s a very good thing that I don’t get charged for internet by the download or I’d be in so much trouble. There’s lists and lists and links to lists of more lists and fabulous lists that I can print and check off things. If there is a heaven for list makers I want to go to it. Wait. I may already be there.

The best thing I’ve found today: The Ultimatest Grocery List found at Both the list and the website are fabulous. I’ve easily spent an hour today reading other people’s grocery lists. The best way to get an overview is to go to the Top 10 section. I don’t know which is funner the site’s commentary on the lists or the lists themselves.
I think the Ultimatest Grocery List might be the most useful list ever made. I will definitely be test driving it this next week to see how it goes. Regardless, it looks good printed out, formidable even.

I’ve been thinking about why I don’t use a planner more and I can’t come up with a good reason other than by the time I’ve written down what should be done, I could have already done most chores. It seems silly to keep a master list of those things then. But that doesn’t change that I want to have the notebook full of paper. (Don’t worry, I take care of the environment even with my paper loving ways. I always double-side print things, sometimes multiple times, and then recycle the scraps.)

So next time you see me shopping, please remind me to put the planner in my cart back on the shelf because I won’t use it. Tell me to go print some of my groovy lists instead.

1 thought on “Help! I’ve DIY Papered myself into a corner!

  1. I almost wish I used my paper planner less. I’ve gotten to the point where I completely and utterly depend on my planner for everything when it comes to my memory. *sigh* Thanks for the grocery lists, by the way, that definitely looks like something I’ll be trying out in the near future. You need to keep finding these sites if for no other reason than letting me know about them. 😉

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