“Take On Me”, the Literal Version

I’m swamped at work and I have a cold that has left my head feeling like a giant piñata, only filled with phlegm instead of delicious candy. Since all of my coherent thoughts are focused elsewhere, have a version of A-Ha’s “Take On Me” video, only with the lyrics changed to better match what’s going on in the video.

(h/t to Jilly for the video)

4 thoughts on ““Take On Me”, the Literal Version

  1. You should try a Neti pot to run salt water through your sinus cavities. I’ve heard from others that it works great. It even has the added advantage of being part of a yoga cleansing ritual–again, so I’ve heard.

  2. Stephen, I’ve been pretty stuffed up and used it. Though I got an ear infection the last time I did. Don’t know if it had to do with the stuffiness or not, but I don’t see myself using it anymore. All this to say, if you guys want to try it, I have some of the saline packs I could lend you. I doubt you want my used pot. 😉 I got a kit at Wal-Green’s.

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