An Unusual Fit of Cleaning

We’d been talking for a while that we needed to do some cleaning before Christmas. Specifically in Eli’s room so there’s actually room to bring in some new stuff.

So to show him how Mom and Dad can clean up their stuff too, Stephen started pulling books off of bookshelves and chunking them in a pile to go to the used bookstore. Some 60 books later, we have a bit of space on a few shelves around the house. And a whopping pile to trade for other books!

The office was also a bit of a mess. Stephen still had portal gun bits and pieces strewn around for Liza to impale herself on and I had a corner that just seemed to continually expand when I wasn’t actively beating it back. So we spent about 30 minutes last night and here are the results:

Today, I’m going to try and convince Eli to part with a few things as well. If you hear the moaning, it’s Emo Eli trying to part with his toys.

9 thoughts on “An Unusual Fit of Cleaning

  1. Stephen,
    Okay, that makes sense. For a moment there I had horrible thoughts about what sort of evil you might be up to with a protected vault of egg crates.

  2. It is also so the podcast listeners don’t have to hear the clackety clack of the world’s loudest keyboard you have sitting over there.

  3. I’m waiting for the day that you guys just put egg crates on the walls and ceiling like wallpaper. The whole office will become a studio room. 🙂

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