Fingerpainting Photos and the much anticpated Prepared Piano Photos

A while back I read a great tip on Parent Hacks. They suggested to let your kids fingerpaint in the bathtub and then just take a bath. You contain the mess and the kids. The kids get to have a great time, first painting and then a bonus bath. I decided that we’d try it today since they both have a cold and we haven’t left the house in a couple of days. Here’s the evidence:

Also, a few days back Stephen posted about Andrew’s concert and the prepared piano. Here’s the full set of photos I took of him working on the setup.

4 thoughts on “Fingerpainting Photos and the much anticpated Prepared Piano Photos

  1. That’s Stephen’s brother? His Full brother? Not a half brother or maybe adopted or something? I only ask b/c there are things about him which are, umm, not like Stephen…

  2. I am the mother to both Stephen and Andrew and yes I can assure you they are brothers. One is more like his father and the other like his mother.

  3. Would there happen to be a recording of the prepared piano piece freely available for listening? By Andrew or otherwise.

    I’m honestly having trouble imagining what that would sound like.

  4. You need to check out this website:
    It features streaming audio of James Tenney, one of the more underrated composers in the second half of the 20th century, playing the Sonatas and Interludes. The work starts about 8 minutes in. His preparations are more metallic sounding than mine – I go for a more gong-like sound with my preparations. But it gives you a good idea of the style and sound of the instrument.

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