I Have Succumbed

Hey, guess what I got today?

Stephen menaced by a glowing iPhone

It looked a lot smaller in all of the commercials. And less glowing.

At any rate, now the inevitable question: what apps should I put on this thing?

14 thoughts on “I Have Succumbed

  1. Oooooh. Let’s see.
    I don’t have the wherewithal to seek out the URLs, but have full confidence that you can find the apps just by name. 🙂 Word Warp, TouchTerm, Loopt, Flashlight, Yelp, Urbanspoon, BofA (if you have a Bank of America account — the mobile app is not bad at all), Tap Tap Revenge, SonicLighter, SunCompass, RunKeeper, Shadows, Twitterrific (if you do that sort of thing), VoiceNotes, Spend, Mobile Fotos, Google, Constitution. I like all of these.

  2. Let’s see. I use these regularly: twitterific, TWC, Blocked, Frotz, Yelp, touchterm, starmap

    Less regularly: air sharing, exposure, stanza, flixster, wordpress, facebook, livejournal, pandora, shazam

    Infrequently: zenbe, vnc, loopt, folders, aurora feint

  3. Yelp is okay, but I also use AroundMe (Yelp is only good if you’re in a place where people have submitted reviews on Yelp. AroundMe is an easy interface to Google Local). Other good ones: Handshake (wireless contact sharing), PCalc (superior calculator), iTalk (voice recording), Zenbe Lists (wireless to-do list syncing and sharing), Google Search App, Ocarina (my iPhone is an instrument!), and Wurdle (good word game).

  4. Netnewswire (if you allready use netnewswire for your rss feeds), Facebook, Mobile News, Airsharing (kinda spendy, as apps go)(but great for doc storage), is your blog wordpress powered? if yes then the WordPress app is nice.

    Sol free, great free solitare, Adventure – oh baby yeah, S

    for the kids:
    (Preschool) Adventure – cheap and really entertains my 2.5 year old
    Scoops – catch falling icecream scoops from space. makes my boy giggle until he falls over.

  5. All the media streaming apps are cool, but my favorite is FStream. It let’s you stream Windows Media streams to the phone. I listen to NPR and Radio Margaritaville this way.

    I also get a lot of use out of Facebook and Twinkle.

    If you want to jailbreak it, consider putting on Cycorder (to record video) and SBSettings (let’s you toggle lots of preferences easily).

    For games get a copy of reMovem and MazeFinger.

  6. Not a lot of games are that fun, sadly. But my favorites are:
    Fieldrunners, Galcon and Enigmo (there’s a free version of Galcon)

    For the young types: ~2yo Aquaforest and Koi Pond are great time suckers.
    my ~5yo enjoys, but is frustrated by LineRider.

    Half a dozen flashlights?

  7. Simon and I have been playing the free version of Spore since Wesley and I got our iphone yesterday. The reviews of the paid version of Spore –for the iphone — are mixed, so I haven’t bought it and probably won’t.

  8. Okay, I’m officially starting to feel like a loner over here in my “no, I still don’t have an iPhone” group. Even one of my coworkers finally succumbed even if he only gets to be around it during non-working hours.

  9. (in no particular order:)
    Saisuke (calendar with week view, syncs with gcal), NemusSync, eReader, GPS Tracker, Geocaching, ssh, MobileTerminal, Constitution, Shazam, Zenbe, Pandora

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