I Have a Crush on Matt Fraction

I’ve mentioned my love of Matt Fraction’s comics before, what with Casanova and Five Fists of Science and his run on Iron Fist. You want to know why I love his work?

I’d be remiss, however, if I didn’t at least point out that in this issue, Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson deliver what is unquestionably the Sensational Character Rediscovery of 2008 with the addition of Dr. Nemesis, a Golden Age character who co-created the Human Torch, fought the Invaders, and then spent the intervening time building new eyes and then using them to hunt down cloned Nazi super-soldiers and shoot them in the face with his guns made of science. And really, I don’t think I’m overstating matters when I say that a crotchety old super-genius hitman is exactly what the franchise has been lacking all these years.
–Chris Sims, about Uncanny X-Men #504

Oh, did I mention that he has a picture of his son in a dog cage? Strega pointed that out to me. Clearly Matt Fraction and I are somehow related.