Playing in the bathtub

Wednesday morning I discovered the ultimate Liza distraction tool. I stuck her in the bathtub in our bathroom while I was getting ready.

This tub is known around our house as “the big bathtub” because it’s nearly twice the size of the tub in the kid’s bathroom. Liza doesn’t get in the big tub much because it’s hard to chase a slippery 18-month old around a tub the size of a small pond without getting wet yourself or nearly drowning the kid. (See? I did learn something from Eli’s upbringing.)

I didn’t realize, however, it would be so much fun to play with the tub toys with NO water! Who knew?

This morning I took photos.

Those are tub crayons. Good thing they wash off easily.

A moment between the kids. Yes, I art directed Eli into place but once he got there he was way cute all on his own.

This outfit is the bringer of messes. Every time I dress her in it, within 45 minutes there’s a huge mess of some variety that requires a wardrobe change.

One of the many moods of Eli. He was telling me a story about a king, knight, dragon and a fiery game of checkers.

Yeah, I’m totally gah-gah over this kid when he has this expression on his face.