What I’ve Been Working On

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, then you know all I’ve talked about lately is the work I’ve been doing. Working from home as I do and doing zero self promotion as I do, the work tends to come and go in waves. Lately it’s been a bit of tsunami and I am completely not complaining. I wanted to stop briefly though and show off some of my recently completed graphic design work.

Working for friends is awesome!
My friend Geof just bought a professional grade camera. To help him justify spending the huge wad of cash we convinced him that he needed to go into business for himself as a concert photographer. Since he’s been doing it for several years now anyway, it didn’t take a lot of arm twisting. I knew I wanted to use one of his photographs to highlight what he does. To let the photo really shine, I thought the logo needed to be fairly simple. I made a couple of logo options and showed them to him but this one was my favorite and it’s the one I put on the card as a mock up. He was fairly blown away by it and wanted to order the business cards immediately.

Another awesome friend!
Liza recently started her own business and asked me to work on her logo and then set up some business cards. It’s such an honor to have friends think I do nice enough work that they want to use my stuff for their businesses. I just never get tired of that particular rush. Since she has a consulting company, we needed the logo to be formal. Since she does ebook software publishing, we wanted to invoke the feel of a book without the specific icon of a book. She liked the three vertical bars as they suggested books on a shelf. Originally, I wanted to use a green for the logo since ebooks are so environmentally friendly. I picked several greens and neither Liza or I liked any of them. On a whim, I choose a few blues as well. She and I both keyed on this blue and we ran with it. The vertical business card is something I always like to do as an option for a client. Very few of them ever choose the vertical. I’m proud that she did in this case because it again plays with that idea of the book standing on a shelf.

Huntsville Library Foundation Outside
Huntsville Library Foundation Inside
Amy got me hooked up with the Library Foundation and this and several other projects in progress are the bulk of what I’ve been working on lately. This is the Foundation’s end of the year mailer. It’s a bit of an annual report and preview of things to come in the new year for the library system in Madison county. Working for my local library is especially fun because I’ve worked off and on in libraries my whole life. I’m pleased with the way this piece turned out because it showcases some of the library staff and their many years of service. Bonus: Amy took all the photos.

I actually have a couple of other finished projects that I’m not showing in this post because the event hasn’t happened yet. As soon as it does, I’ll be posting it here for you to see and me to remember.

6 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Working On

  1. Nice work, Misty. I like all three and am esp. taken with the one for the library. But then I would be since I live with a librarian.

  2. As a librarian (OK, OK, “library administrator”) and someone who’s had a life-long love affair with cameras, I salute both cards and the Library Foundation work. The cards, I must admit, blew me away.


  3. You think the cards blew you away? You should’ve seen my shock at the low invoice I got.

    I’m hoping my cards come this week. They shipped last week…

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