LEGO Creator: The Race to Build It Board Game

Several years ago, a friend from church graciously gave me a trunk load of her son’s toys. He was turning 13 and I guess that means some sort right of passage by ditching all of his kid toys. One of the things in the stash was LEGO Creator: The Race to Build It Board Game and it has languished on the shelf in Eli’s closet for several years. The recommended playing age is 7-10 so I didn’t think we could really do much with it for at least another year. The past week Eli has asked multiple times to play the game. Today he wore me down and I took it off the shelf.

This game is so cute! And because Eli is reading now, it totally works for us. It is exactly what you would imagine a LEGO game would be. You race around the board collecting pieces and the first to finish the project from his/her card wins.

I thought when I first looked at the board, it would be too simple and the game play portion is very easy. Roll a die, move around the Monopoly-like board and follow the directions on each square. The squares tell you how many and what kind of bricks you can pick up.

The project cards are the real fun though. There’s about 20 cards and they are color coded for difficulty. One half of the card shows the kind of bricks you need. They are drawn actual size so as you are collecting you can place them on your card to remember what you’ve picked. The other half are the standard LEGO instructions for building your project. We had an awesome time building our projects and Eli did very well following the directions. He did better than I expected given our previous attempts with Lego instructions.

I think this is a great boy game and I am sad that they don’t make it any longer. (Did you catch the $260 price tag at I think we’ll be playing it again tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: There were extra LEGOs and another book in the game box. I sorted out the pieces and bagged them separately from the game. When I started looking at the book, I realized it was a LEGO robot kit. It’s 86 tiny robots to make. Any questions about what Eli and I will be doing for the next couple of days?

3 thoughts on “LEGO Creator: The Race to Build It Board Game

  1. Ooh, I want to play that when we come visit! And I totally want to make robots with you. Can you save it for Z when Eli outgrows it? 😀

  2. Misty, we have that game, but we got it without the instructions. While it is kind of easy to figure out how to play, I was wondering if you had any way of scaning in the booklet for me? I know it is a bit weird request, and if not no big deal. Thanks for your time!

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