Eli vs. the Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook, 4th Ed.

Cover from the Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook, 4th edition

“That says ‘player’s handbook’. There’s a woman on the cover. Why is she holding some fire?”

“I guess because she thinks it looks cool.”

“Oh, look! There’s a dragon and he’s holding a thing to fight with!”

It’s also nice to see Wizards of the Coast returning to tradition and placing a woman with semi-covered breasts on the cover.

5 thoughts on “Eli vs. the Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook, 4th Ed.

  1. You realize that leather bra gives a -10 AC. (At least in 1st edition rules; I don’t know what the equivalent number in the new rules might be).

  2. Hello Granades,
    just spent a lovely time surfing around. Thanks.
    on Today’s post – Reminds me of the ‘strategically placed ribons’ armor (insert mental picture) in the Steve Jackson card games. Ahhh Gauntlet.
    I found your site through Eli’s youtube review of ‘Burn the rope’ – makes me want to capture more of my kids growing up. My young ones demand the games on the lego website…although the line blurs between who’s playing-me or them…and then I completly sympathise with going nuts over the repetition. May God give you strength-to play computer games with your kids too…the priviledged lives we lead.
    Sydney, Australia.
    35 degress C = 95 f. (wow, that is what they put those conversion tables in diaries for)

  3. So, I can’t believe I just randomly found your blog through a completely unrelated Google search (search terms: reading comments makes you stupid). Two kids?! It’s like you’re grown-ups or something.

  4. Oliver (6)
    well, there’s this ogre and a princess.
    it looks like the princess has a powerfuler weapon than the ogre.
    and it also looks like the princess has her hand with fire and…
    Harry (4) a fire hand.. and the princess will burn the ogre. I want the lego website, I want the lego website. Dad can we go in the lego website dot com etc. etc.
    Dad) what has she got in her other hand?-
    Oliver 6) a stick with a really like green crystal.
    what is the stick for?-walking.
    what is the ogre wearing? armor
    why? to protect himself.
    Harry 6) well the princess can get the ogre with the fire hand on the head.
    What is the princess wearing? oliver 6) clothing..like a princesses cloak.
    will it protect her much? Not – at – all. and put an exlcamation mark at the back of it.

  5. Jonathan:

    Welcome! Glad you’re here. We’re definitely at the stage with Eli where sometimes he wants to play, and sometimes he wants me to play.


    !!! Nice to hear from you!

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