Kutiman Bricolages YouTube Videos Into New Music

As usual, I’m about a week behind the Internet, but in case you’re further behind than me, you really really really need to look at Thru You. Israeli musician Kutiman has created an album of songs spliced together from YouTube videos, and the result is astounding. Please understand, I’m talking about honest-to-goodness songs, good ones, with compelling video tracks to go with them. The whole experience has the same kind of joyous feel that Matt Harding’s videos do.

Here, watch the first track.

Then go to the album’s site and watch them in order. I’ll help search the floor for your jaw afterward.

3 thoughts on “Kutiman Bricolages YouTube Videos Into New Music

  1. What’s wonderful is that all 8 of the videos are awesome!

    I have now watched that Bernard Purdie video, and it too is awesome. Awesomeness all around!

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