Okay, Kids, You Can Come Back Onto My Lawn

In the past I’ve been dismissive of April Fools’ Day as practiced on the Internet. After this year, though, I’m taking off my old-man grumpy pants and putting on something newer and hipper. Parachute pants, perhaps. There were a number of funny and inspired jokes yesterday. Among my favorites:

Sure, there were the normal dead-horse “we’re shutting the site down!” posts, but I saw fewer than in years past. Maybe the tide has turned, and will take my grumpy-pants out with it.

3 thoughts on “Okay, Kids, You Can Come Back Onto My Lawn

  1. I liked ThinkGeek’s Tauntaun sleeping bag — and the fact that they got so many emails about it that they’re actually going to try to produce them. *G*

  2. Jaime, I’ll get her her own toddler parachute pants.

    starlady, I saw that and thought, “Wait, *I* want one!”

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