If Christians Made Video Games Like We Make Shirts

Those of you who aren’t part of a more fundamental Christian group may have been spared the sight of what I call flair of the spirit. It’s a subset of Jesus Junk consisting mainly of shirts with retooled corporate logos. The companies peddling these shirts are fond of saying, “Change your shirt and change the world!”, I suppose because saving the cheerleader just led to more problems.

Three Jesus shirts: Faith Book, God is My Hero, and Hope

Surprisingly enough, Christian companies haven’t taken the same approach to making video games. Christian video games tend to be trivia games or, occasionally, reworked FPSes or real-time strategy games, but they’re never existing franchises with a Christian spin on them. Perhaps this is because making video games is hard, and companies like Nintendo and EA have hordes of lawyers that would crush a product that went beyond a logo parody.

But what if one brave company decided that the shirt-makers had the right idea? What if one company dared to make Christian videogames that did parody existing ones?

Risn 2 Life
Deus Ex
Super Savior Mario
God of Love
Final Fantasy
Tomb Raider: Magdalene