The 360 is Better Than Cats

Look what I got!

An Xbox 360

That’s right, thanks to Misty’s gift, I’ve leapt into the future of 2005. Finally I can play Bioshock on my TV, like God intended.

What’s that, Xbox 360? What do you mean, an interloper?

A picture of my first-generation Xbox

Oh, him? First-generation Xbox? He’s harmless. I mean, it’s not like he’s really any threat to someone like you, with your —

A closer view of the Xbox 360

Kill it? No! That’s crazy talk! That Xbox has served us faithfully. I’m going to send him to a farm in upstate New York, where he can frolic in the fields and —

A closer view of the Xbox 360

I won’t do it! I won’t!

Glaring red ring of death Xbox 360
A smashed original Xbox.

Oh, well. It had to be done.

6 thoughts on “The 360 is Better Than Cats

  1. What hope is there for the rest of us when I mind like yours can be penetrated so easily?!

  2. You euthanized your faithful original Xbox more quickly than any other test subject on record. Congratulations!

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