Maybe They Meant a Chevy Suburban

A little over a week ago, we went back to Arkansas to have some time with my family. We stayed on Greers Ferry Lake, one of the several Arkansas lakes brought to you by your local Corps of Engineers and their dams. We visited, swam in the lake, and Andrew and I water-skied. For those of you who haven’t tried water skiing before, you float behind a boat while wearing skis and a life jacket and holding onto a tow rope. The boat leaps forward and, assuming you don’t let the rope be yanked out of your hands, you are suddenly on your feet being dragged at ferocious speeds behind the boat, at least until the fates conspire and you end up somersaulting into the water. It’s a great chance to discover how surface tension works in a very personal and painful way.

We also got to enjoy the local signs, like the one for a nearby flea market.

Ya'll Come Flea Market

Then there was the sign for a local housing development.

Timber Lake Acres - Enjoy Suburban Living

You, too, can enjoy suburban living in lovely Higden, AR, population 101. Maybe it’s closer to a larger city, though.

Map of Higden and Greers Ferry, AR

Hm, Greers Ferry does have around 950 people, but that hardly seems urban. Let’s try zooming out a bit.

Map of Heber Springs, AR

Aha, there’s Heber Springs, population 6,500, within twenty minutes. That must be the urban area.

(I kid, of course. If you drive an hour you can get to Searcy, with nearly 20,000 people.)

So if you want to enjoy some suburban living without the need for an urban population center, have I got a place for you.

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