Open the Door and Jump In

Busy day today, what with finishing up my two prepared talks for Dragon*Con and writing new material now that William Shatner is a guest, and, oh, yes, there’s always my real work with the rockets and the lasers and the FWOOSH. So here, watch this video to pass the time.

I previously gushed about the band No More Kings, and somehow missed that they’d done a video for my favorite song of theirs, “Michael (Jump In)”. It’s an alarmingly cute animated thing; do enjoy it.

In fact, I just discovered that they released their second album in May. And last night, Misty and I finally started watching The Guild, the web-based series about a MMORPG guild that is both awesome and awkward. I obviously need an assistant who scours the web for cool things I’m really going to like and presents them to me each evening, as if on a digital platter, or perhaps even an actual platter like a DVD, to go all 1990s on you.

5 thoughts on “Open the Door and Jump In

  1. I thought that assistant’s name was ‘facebook’ (or perhaps ‘ifMUD’ or ‘twitter’)

  2. ifMUD does a good job of pointing me towards cool things, as do sites like Metafilter, but too much of it is stuff I’m not interested in. I need a pre-interest filter, perhaps a clone of me who lives on sunlight and promises and only likes to surf the web.

  3. Looks like the lead singer, Pete Mitchell, directed it — he used to be an animator in the video games dept. of Disney and the Jim Henson Company. Actual animation was done by Ghostbot, who did the Esurance commercials. The No More Kings and Ghostbot blogs have more info.

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