Running Man

I’m working on a post comparing the TV show FlashForward to the Left Behind series, but it’s taking a while. To keep you entertained in the meantime, I give you Canabalt. It’s a minimalist game created for the Experimental Gameplay Project, whose theme in August was “Bare Minimum”. You play a man running to escape a city being destroyed by giant robots. There’s only one button: jump. There’s only six colors.

I can’t stop playing it.

In the last few weeks Eli and I have been playing a lot of Flash-based games in the evening. I’ll have to see what he thinks of this one.

2 thoughts on “Running Man

  1. I love Canabalt. I had been playing it for a little while before this post hit your blog, and man, it’s spot on. There’s nothing to it, but it’s bizarrely addictive.

    For no apparent reason I just got my best score ever, by a factor of at least two. 4627 meters before falling to my death! The most influential bit of enlightenment: hitting obstacles on purpose to slow yourself down can be highly useful.

    (Be sure also to check out Boomshine, if you’re looking for drop-dead-simple yet compelling Flash games.)

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