I Have Many Facets, Like an Onion

Hey, my game Fragile Shells placed second in the Jay is Games Casual Game Design Competition #7. I’m in a three-way tie for second, mind you, but given the other two games (including Andrew Plotkin’s), I’m quite happy with my placement.

I was also pleased by how my game was reviewed. Gruelove, Matt W., and the always-hilarious Jenni Polodna all had positive things to say about it. Jenni even gives a shout-out to the Zune, which I should have done. In my defense, I expect by the late 21st century they’ll only think of them as iPods, even the sad old Creative NOMADs. At least until a NOMAD returns as a giant space probe who can only be stopped by merging with a bald chick.

Where was I? Oh, yes, second place. Yay!