Amigurumi Adipose Alien

Misty has taken up crocheting, because she collects crafting habits the way I pick up hobbies. She’s been making various amigurumi animals and such, which is how Eli and Liza ended up with a ladybug and an alien. Now I’ve gotten one!

A baby Adipose alien from Doctor Who

Meet the Adipose. This little guy is an alien baby made up of fat cells. He showed up in a Doctor Who episode. Anything that cute-but-disgusting is just begging to be turned into a toy via a Japanese artform, right?

A crochet version of a Doctor Who baby adipose alien

Look at that guy! He’s so full of joy de vivre and stuffing! Right now he lives on my desk at work, where he can creep out my co-workers, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep him. Certain other people in our household have been begging to know if they can have “fat baby”.

Eli and Liza love on the adipose alien

(Fat baby pattern courtesy of Jennifer Christensen)

9 thoughts on “Amigurumi Adipose Alien

  1. Wait, will the fat baby be lifted into the air and taken away at some point? You might want to warn the kids (and Sam wants one now too).

  2. Alana: If there were a pattern for an Ood, you’d so be getting one!

    Andrew: I was thinking of making him something else but if he wants a fat baby, I can do that.

  3. Squeeee!!! You did it, Misty!! And Stephen so deserves his own fat bay so perhaps one of their very own is in the future for Eli and Liza?? After all, they should be rewarded for that astonishingly cute pic!!

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