Skynet Online in 3, 2, 1…

People have been gleefully pointing out all day that today, 21 April 2011, is the date of Judgement Day, when Skynet comes online and kills us all. That, of course, is the date given in the TV show “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”.

Judgement Day wasn’t always in 2011. The movie Terminator originally claimed that Judgement Day would come on August 29, 1997. Successive movies and TV shows have happily moved the goalposts.

It occurs to me that Judgement Day is a lot like various Christian sects claiming that Rapture is coming on a given date. They typically climb a mountain and wait for God to take them away, only to have nothing happen. So: is Judgement Day the nerd version of Rapture?

Also, Rapture came on 21 August 2007, in case you weren’t watching:

5 thoughts on “Skynet Online in 3, 2, 1…

  1. C’mon, Stephen. Everyone knows that you and I keep resetting that end date with the time machine that we’ve got set up in the back yard over at the Kings’ old house. [Have you ever seen anyone move in there? No? EXACTLY.] In fact, I’m posting this from August 2036, where yes … you will be need and fed.

    [No else one knows this? Craaaaaaap.]

  2. IIRC the original “Terminator” didn’t give a date for Judgment Day (I think it was specifically said that nobody knew exactly when). T2 was the first entry in the franchise to give a date. That’s one of the reasons people complaining about continuity between the films and TV show are a little silly; it was broken almost immediately in the second film. The franchise is set in the same basic world, but there are differences throughout.

  3. Really Judgment Day was on May 18, 2009 when Fox executives canceled “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. I however missed it because of my own personal judgment day when I deleted my season pass.

  4. Chris: Whoops, you’re right. Good thing I got it right in the bumper!

    Jeremy: You too? I watched much of the first season, but found my interest flagging pretty quickly.

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